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oscar mayer Reviews

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  • Fly

    Hi my name is Clifford. I work for Yellow jacket Drilling services. I do a lot of traveling for work which entails that I eat out on the road a lot. So I'm currently working in Lubbock,Tx. Yesterday me and two of my fellow co worker stopped by the local Wal-mart super center to pick up some groceries for the week for lunches, dinner etc. so this morning i went to make my lunch for the day ,I opened a brand new package of turkey breast lunch meat and noticed a large black thing inside the package. At a closer look I realized it was a fly. I threw away the package and I'm completely... More...
    Chillman129's Picture   Chillman129    0 Comments   Comments
  • Long hair inside Oscar Mayer Chicken Frank

    I purchased several packs of Oscar Mayer Chicken Franks and several more packs of Oscar Mayer Turkey Franks. After opening a pack of chicken franks I pulled out a wiener and it seemed to be oddly difficult to remove from the rest of the wieners in the pack. After getting the frank out of the package and putting it in my mouth I felt something strange on my tongue and pulled the frank out of my mouth quickly. Upon inspection of the frank I found that there was a long fine hair inside the frank. The long hair was sticking out of the frank, I pulled the hair and it cut through the frank as I... More...
    GrossedOut's Picture   GrossedOut    0 Comments   Comments
  • oscar mayer

    My only complaint is the packaging. I love the bacon. I always get oscar mayer meats. The packaging however is sometimes hard to open. I either rip the packaging to where I cannot seal it back properly. Or I have to use scissors to cut the package open. I really like the old packaging with the trays. I know saving a dollar is important but the customer is more important. More...
    bacon1986's Picture   bacon1986    1 Comments   Comments
  • Lunchable with PINK CREAMY SUBSTANCE on the Ham

    On December 5th, I purchased a Oscar Mayer/ Kraft Ham and American Cheese Cracker Lunchable. The sliced Ham had a pink creamy gooey substance on the meat. My 6 year old being eager to dive into the meat (one of his favorite things) disregard the fact that the gook was on the product. Being Mom, I reached for the pack to ensure he wouldn't eat the cookies first and saw the substance on the top of the product and lifted other slices and found the same gook on the bottom. I filed a complaint with Kraft/Oscar Mayer. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Lipford's Picture   Lipford    0 Comments   Comments
  • rotten lunch meat

    We have been buying your lunch meat for years. In the last month we have thrown away 5 packages of rotten lunch meat. Today is 11/30 and the turkeys expiration date was 12/14 and the ham was 12/21. This is outragous. The fact that this has happened multiple times now means to me you are not packaging your meat correctly or are repackaging expired meat to try try to get $6 a package of already rotten meat. We will not be buying your product again and have urged friends and family to stop as well. More...
    (Parenting, Nannies, Babies, Family)
  • The famous Smokie Link! Bring it Back!!

    Please consider bringing back the "Smokie Links" what a great product. You need better advertising to peek interest. Contact me for some ideas to bring the interest rate up. I think dancing (Traditional West African) something extremely high energy, camping (many people enjoy this product for camping and outings), and then show folks enjoying the links after an exciting, active day . this could really work and peek the interest of many peoples from different backgrounds! I hope you bring the Smokie Link back! More...
    nunufatima's Picture   nunufatima    0 Comments   Comments
  • moldy chicken

    I purchased a package of Delifresh Oscar mayer brand southwestern seasoned chicken last week. Package date is 07 June, 2014,11:49. Tonight I pulled it out of my refrigerator and opened the package only to find my chicken all covered in mold. I'm not one to complain, but this is not the first time it has happened. I really quite like the product, but what good is it when it molds before the date on the package? Oscar mayer already discontinued smokie links, and the chicken was the only product keeping me a customer. Sadly, quality control isn't what it used to be. I sincerely hope... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Serious Problem With Oscar Mayer Ready Cooked Bacon

    I would like to contact Oscar Mayer directly, but I was unhappily surprised to be unable to locate a customer service contact email!! I have been purchasing their "ready to serve " bacon for years, with obviously satisfactory results. However, my most recent package contained 11 strips of almost TOTAL FAT---each of which was a tiny 4 inches in length !! (about half of the normal size) I am really apprehensive about making another purchase, after this experience.... More...
    Sandrap1's Picture   Sandrap1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Oscar Mayer commercial

    The commercial where the grandchild asked his grandfather where we go when we die and the grandfather replied" in the ground" is pushing atheism. I would not want my child to hear such a quote for that matter as well as it would scare a child. I feel that more thought needs to go into your commercials to help sale your products. What would your answer to this question be if your child or grandchild asked the same. More...
    Wwjd's Picture   Wwjd    2 Comments   Comments
  • Bone found in hot dog

    I just bought some Oscar Meyer Cheese Hot Dogs from Safeway in Prunedale, CA. I was eating one and bit down on something hard. I spit it out and found a piece of bone in the hot dog which I saved. I am very upset about this because it is disgusting, children often eat the cheese dogs and it also makes me question Oscar Meyers processing quality. Does this happen often and what can be done to resolve this problem? I am a long time customer but will no longer eat any Oscar Meyer products is this is not addressed and will also tell everyone I know about it as well as post online about it is it... More...
  • Oscar Mayer packaging

    Have bought Oscar Mayer Mesquite Turkey breast in the hard plastic containers which are easy to open and easy storage for item. However, I just prized open with a pair of scissors the new CHEAP packaging which was obviously packaged by a robot and designed to be opened by a robot with steel fangs. Had to store remaining turkey breast slices in a Kroger brand container. I will not be buying any more Oscar Mayer turkey in this package. Guess I will try another brand. There really is not much difference in taste although there was at one time. Oscar Mayer has really gone downhill. More...
    mlena49's Picture   mlena49    0 Comments   Comments
  • If it's not broke don't fix it!

    We use to buy your bologna at least once a week for sandwiches and for frying...BUT since the awful change I can no longer purchase it. It is slimy and smelly and even frying it doesn't take the nasty taste and smell away. I thought that it was because we moved from Texas to Arkansas and the meat came from a different plant...sadly that is not the case. So the bologna that we have all known and enjoyed for years is gone..Way to go Kraft!! This is a bunch of BOLOGNA! More...
    pennyburt's Picture   pennyburt    1 Comments   Comments
  • OSCAR MAYER/Kraft discontinued my favorite product, Smokie Links!

    Oscar Mayer/Kraft discontinued the only product my family and I purchased from the company exclusively. I can get my bacon, bologna or wieners from just about any company, but I could only buy my Smokie Links from Oscar Mayer. Oscar Mayer/Kraft alleges that they discontinued Smokie Links because of lack of interest by consumers -- that is a LIE! The only lack of interest came from retailers who would rather offer dozens of different types of wieners, but couldn't find the space for two types of Smokie Links, the regular and the beef. Obviously, Oscar Mayer/Kraft would rather... More...
    TashaTchin's Picture   TashaTchin    9 Comments   Comments
  • Oscar Meyer, spoiled fully cooked bacon

    Scared by my first experience with the new size and packaging of the pre cooked bacon. I've enjoyed the fully cooked product for many years, in the hard plastic container. Today I opened 2 of the new zip lock style packages. The first bacon strips were liberally covered in fat, but looked normal once warmed in the microwave for a few seconds. They also had a very strong, processed odor. The second package was put in the garbage unopened, due to the dark, discolored appearance. The serial numbers are:EST.7202 2 13:42 AND 13:43. The use by date might be May 2013, can't tell as... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    NancyBelmar's Picture   NancyBelmar    0 Comments   Comments
  • Oscar Mayer Water Meats

    Looking at the previous reviews of various issues with quality with Oscar Mayer products, it seems they must have gotten a new knuckle head in charge recently. Their products have gone to hell in a handbasket and I am wondering why they are simply killing themselves? Kraft owns Oscar now and so they are utimately responsible for the sudden dive to the bottom feeder category. The products I have had lately are horrid. The packaged pound sized turkey couldn't hold more water in it than the Gulf of Mexico. I tried their olive loaf recently and it seemed soggy too but at least not dripping... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    OfficialBest's Picture   OfficialBest    1 Comments   Comments
  • why the change in your weiners?

    I've been purchasing your Classic 98% Fat Free Wieners made with turkey for along time. They are sometimes hard to find in area stores. The last ones I purchased last week had a external message that said "New Look" coming soon. Inside the message it showed the new packaging titled " Extra Lean Franks". The change in the packaging is not the complaint. The complaint is what is shown below the title. Below it is "50 calories per serving". According to the "Nutrition Facts" on your package of Classic 98% Fat Free Wieners they are 40 calories per... More...
    LovemyDogs's Picture   LovemyDogs    3 Comments   Comments
  • spoiled meat

    1/21/2012 I purchased a oscar mayer 16 oz deli fresh smoked turkey breast with the sale date of 13feb2012-1214114 from wal-mart,today when I opened it I saw that it had mold spots on the meat. I was suprised to see that is was bad way before the expiration date, makes you think twice about the expiration date and or the way the distrubutor handles its products. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    sockmonkey23's Picture   sockmonkey23    1 Comments   Comments
  • Smokie Links Discontinued

    Dear Oscar Meyer, I am writing to you to express my sadness that you discontinued the Smokie Links that I love so much. They were the only food that I would specifically go out of my way to find anytime I would go camping. I understand demand may not have been as high in the winter months, but would it be possible to bring them back as a seasonal item? Myself and all of my friends LOVED Smokies, we all raved about them to anyone who unfortunately never got to try them. Now we can't have them anymore. Do you have any left over? I would buy an extra case of them if you had one laying... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • compliment

    While many these days will take time to share something negative I wish to take time and share something positive. I think you and your team are amazing. I have a 9 year old who eats me out of house and home (not really - but pretty close) and I'm a single Mother/blogger/student who loves a great deal so I was hoping that you might add me to your mailing and send me some great coupons or maybe even some free product coupons from time to time. I'd be willing to blog and facebook your kindness. I was raised that if you have nothing nice to say then don't talk so that is how... More...
  • bone in carving board turkey

    I bought a package of Oscar mayer Turkey breast today June 30th. package expires on 02 July 2011 ( code 240A) item # 044700033302 I purchased this at our Military Commissary where I am stationed at in Europe ( Naples Italy). While eating this turkey I heard a crack in my teeth. I pulled out the piece of turkey only to find a bone about the size of a dime in the turkey. I have the bone in the original package to prove it was a bone. I have to spend now $ 1200.00 to fix my bridge I just had put in after breaking it on the bone in the meat. IF I WAS A TODDLER and eating this I could have... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)

oscar mayer Reviews By Product


oscar mayer Comments

FLDoc says: (3 years ago)
Although this site is dedicated primarily to complaints, I am so positively inclined to one of your new products that I felt compelled to write this comment. Your P3 snacks are not only nutritious but also delicious! With a spectrum of combinations this snack has variety and appeal. It is convenient and satisfying as well. Simplicity is truly a winner in this day and age. Bottom line: you get an A+ for your P3 product. My only concern is that the public is not as thrilled about P3 as I am and like many good ideas P3 will fade away from the markets and no longer be available. The marketing for this product, that I have come across so far is mediocre at best and yet P3 is clearly one of the best products available. The stores I have found it in also only seem to carry only 1-2 of the possible combinations and of those I have found that many packages are nearing their expiration date. This is what raises my concern. I truly hope you can get the point across and that this product becomes more popular than your lunchables and other snack products because it is clearly superior. Here's to hoping that this product will not only last but become more globally available in all its versions.

rudykay9 says: (5 years ago)
Where are your original hot dogs I used to know and love? Tried to buy them recently and EVERY HOT DOG you make tastes terrible. Doesn't taste like Oscar Mayer anymore. Tastes like a tastless turkey dog from the health food store.

Yuck! Bring em back!

JohnBerg2000 says: (6 years ago)
I've been a long-time customer, (hot dogs, braunschweiger, etc.), and a while back tried the selects rotisserie seasoned chicken breast. For the last few weeks, I've gone crazy over this product, and have bought seven or eight packages. The last time I went to buy it, I had trouble finding it. The packaging had changed. I did find it, brought it home, and was very disappointed. The slices were darker, (more caramel coloring), which didn't bother me much, but they were also thicker, which bothered me a lot. Also, there seemed to be more translucent areas, a characteristic of cheap lunch meat. The old version was so thin that sometimes the slices got kind of shredded, but that was fine, and they tasted better. Please give me back the old product.

John L. Berg
6207 Westwick Dr.
Houston, TX, 77002-1039

j29687 says: (6 years ago)
I have bought this product (Bacon) for many years. Lately I have found the quality not as good. The bacon is real thin when you first open it. This is usually half of the product. I like the bacon and will still buy the product, hope the future product will be better.
John Banks
P.O. Box 976
Taylors, S.C.29687

petunia says: (7 years ago)
I recently purchased your "Fully cooked bacon THICK CUT" It was awful THICK ?, I'd hate to see what the thin cut must be like. it was very thin and brittle, crumbled easily.

It was a complete waste. I'm sure you test all of your products before putting them on the market. what happened?

jaysie says: (7 years ago)
Where are the mini wieners? They used to be a staple in my home, especially around the holidays. We wrapped them in crescent rolls and made our own "pigs in the blanket." I have not been able to find them for some time now. What happened? I can't find them anywhere. Please don't tell me they are no longer available. I have already given up on the regular wieners because you have changed the taste and they just aren't the same, but I held out hope that I could still get that taste in the minis--now they have disappeared from store shelves. Please, oh please, bring them back!!!!!

jaysie says: (7 years ago)
Where are the mini wieners? They used to be a staple in my home, especially around the holidays. We wrapped them in crescent rolls and made our own "pigs in the blanket." I have not been able to find them for some time now. What happened? I can't find them anywhere. Please don't tell me they are no longer available. I have already given up on the regular wieners because you have changed the taste and they just aren't the same, but I held out hope that I could still get that taste in the minis--now they have disappeared from store shelves. Please, oh please, bring them back!!!!!

willynilly says: (8 years ago)
Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs

The all beef weiners have too much salt added to them. I used to enjoy the product before the change was made. Now when I eat one I am thirsty for hours and the salt taste just remains in my mouth. They are so awful!

musica1956 says: (8 years ago)
I have purchased many times now the Oscar Meyer Minced Ham regular flavor.And still they do not taste the same.Is it me my taste buds or have they changed the flavor?If they have I guess my days are numbered and what I will buy to replace the product.I do not have any idea,since I have eaten this brand growing up a child of the late 1950's to now at 54.Its too bad and sad for me cause I have snacked on it all these years.And now abruptly I have to stop buying it cause they decided a change was due.What's next the weiners,bacon.

ericjames says: (9 years ago)
i like the XXL Oscar Meyer hot dogs. a nice seasoned beef flavor and just a bit of snap when biting.im from chicago area and like them better than vienna beef brand.

cinchap says: (9 years ago)
I recently purchased Oscar Meyer Ham (smoked) Deli Fresh Meats and I made my husband and me a sandwich and while we were trying to eat it we had to end up pulling most of it off of the sandwich because if was full of gristle. We were very dissatisfied with the product which we have bought on several occasions. I now feel that the rest of the package has to be thrown away and with food prices they way they are this does not make me a happy consumer.

joellen says: (9 years ago)
i purchased 16oz pkg. of bologna and found it tasteless

bjen says: (9 years ago)
You have lost lots of customers. There r plenty of hotdogs out there just like your new one. Awful. I used to like to snack on the other ones, but can't on the new. Why would anyone want a tough hot dog? Not me.

Sonna says: (9 years ago)
Your beef bologna is still quality and I can eat it right out of the pack.The beef weiners are crap.I cant eat one right out of the pack anymore ..They are to hard and they dont boil , fry or microwave worth a hoot...Put our favorite thin skinned able to bite into all beef weiners back on the shelfs and fire those new era weiny changers in your company.I spent 10 dollars every week on just the weiners and I still buy 3 packs of the bolonga (all beef) but if you change it anymore (its drier now) I'll stop buying it...Kroger is the closiest to your produce..Look out...Your company is losing our business.I've been eating them for years and years...

Sonna says: (9 years ago)
The beef weiners are crap now.I cant chew them.They are so tough that even if you microwave or fry or boil the skin it like a mummys skin.What were you thinking.I have now found that krogers all beef weiners are the closiest to the original Oscar meyer beef weiners.They are not exactly the same but I intend to keep searching till I find the perfect taste texture and smell that my favorite Oscar meyer beef weiners had.The beef bolonga has been slighty altered to but not enough for me to switch (YET).Let me explain...When you can go to the frig and get the weiner and eat it right from the pack (which I could)
and do the same with the bolony ..you got the perfect product...You changed it .WHY WHY WHY. The kroger brand is a dollar cheaper but they cant be eaten right out of the pack and they smell different from me favorite Oscar Meyer weiners and bolony. You scientific experimentors make me sick.Put our favorites back in the stores...They cost more but thats because it taste so much better...I cant chew a rubber product...

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