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oscar mayer Reviews

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  • Fly

    Hi my name is Clifford. I work for Yellow jacket Drilling services. I do a lot of traveling for work which entails that I eat out on the road a lot. So I'm currently working in Lubbock,Tx. Yesterday me and two of my fellow co worker stopped by the local Wal-mart super center to pick up some groceries for the week for lunches, dinner etc. so this morning i went to make my lunch for the day ,I opened a brand new package of turkey breast lunch meat and noticed a large black thing inside the package. At a closer look I realized it was a fly. I threw away the package and I'm completely... More...
    Chillman129's Picture   Chillman129    0 Comments   Comments
  • Long hair inside Oscar Mayer Chicken Frank

    I purchased several packs of Oscar Mayer Chicken Franks and several more packs of Oscar Mayer Turkey Franks. After opening a pack of chicken franks I pulled out a wiener and it seemed to be oddly difficult to remove from the rest of the wieners in the pack. After getting the frank out of the package and putting it in my mouth I felt something strange on my tongue and pulled the frank out of my mouth quickly. Upon inspection of the frank I found that there was a long fine hair inside the frank. The long hair was sticking out of the frank, I pulled the hair and it cut through the frank as I... More...
    GrossedOut's Picture   GrossedOut    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lunchable with PINK CREAMY SUBSTANCE on the Ham

    On December 5th, I purchased a Oscar Mayer/ Kraft Ham and American Cheese Cracker Lunchable. The sliced Ham had a pink creamy gooey substance on the meat. My 6 year old being eager to dive into the meat (one of his favorite things) disregard the fact that the gook was on the product. Being Mom, I reached for the pack to ensure he wouldn't eat the cookies first and saw the substance on the top of the product and lifted other slices and found the same gook on the bottom. I filed a complaint with Kraft/Oscar Mayer. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Lipford's Picture   Lipford    0 Comments   Comments
  • rotten lunch meat

    We have been buying your lunch meat for years. In the last month we have thrown away 5 packages of rotten lunch meat. Today is 11/30 and the turkeys expiration date was 12/14 and the ham was 12/21. This is outragous. The fact that this has happened multiple times now means to me you are not packaging your meat correctly or are repackaging expired meat to try try to get $6 a package of already rotten meat. We will not be buying your product again and have urged friends and family to stop as well. More...
    (Parenting, Nannies, Babies, Family)
  • Serious Problem With Oscar Mayer Ready Cooked Bacon

    I would like to contact Oscar Mayer directly, but I was unhappily surprised to be unable to locate a customer service contact email!! I have been purchasing their "ready to serve " bacon for years, with obviously satisfactory results. However, my most recent package contained 11 strips of almost TOTAL FAT---each of which was a tiny 4 inches in length !! (about half of the normal size) I am really apprehensive about making another purchase, after this experience.... More...
    Sandrap1's Picture   Sandrap1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Oscar Mayer commercial

    The commercial where the grandchild asked his grandfather where we go when we die and the grandfather replied" in the ground" is pushing atheism. I would not want my child to hear such a quote for that matter as well as it would scare a child. I feel that more thought needs to go into your commercials to help sale your products. What would your answer to this question be if your child or grandchild asked the same. More...
    Wwjd's Picture   Wwjd    2 Comments   Comments
  • Oscar Mayer packaging

    Have bought Oscar Mayer Mesquite Turkey breast in the hard plastic containers which are easy to open and easy storage for item. However, I just prized open with a pair of scissors the new CHEAP packaging which was obviously packaged by a robot and designed to be opened by a robot with steel fangs. Had to store remaining turkey breast slices in a Kroger brand container. I will not be buying any more Oscar Mayer turkey in this package. Guess I will try another brand. There really is not much difference in taste although there was at one time. Oscar Mayer has really gone downhill. More...
    mlena49's Picture   mlena49    0 Comments   Comments
  • If it's not broke don't fix it!

    We use to buy your bologna at least once a week for sandwiches and for frying...BUT since the awful change I can no longer purchase it. It is slimy and smelly and even frying it doesn't take the nasty taste and smell away. I thought that it was because we moved from Texas to Arkansas and the meat came from a different plant...sadly that is not the case. So the bologna that we have all known and enjoyed for years is gone..Way to go Kraft!! This is a bunch of BOLOGNA! More...
    pennyburt's Picture   pennyburt    1 Comments   Comments
  • OSCAR MAYER/Kraft discontinued my favorite product, Smokie Links!

    Oscar Mayer/Kraft discontinued the only product my family and I purchased from the company exclusively. I can get my bacon, bologna or wieners from just about any company, but I could only buy my Smokie Links from Oscar Mayer. Oscar Mayer/Kraft alleges that they discontinued Smokie Links because of lack of interest by consumers -- that is a LIE! The only lack of interest came from retailers who would rather offer dozens of different types of wieners, but couldn't find the space for two types of Smokie Links, the regular and the beef. Obviously, Oscar Mayer/Kraft would rather... More...
    TashaTchin's Picture   TashaTchin    9 Comments   Comments
  • Oscar Meyer, spoiled fully cooked bacon

    Scared by my first experience with the new size and packaging of the pre cooked bacon. I've enjoyed the fully cooked product for many years, in the hard plastic container. Today I opened 2 of the new zip lock style packages. The first bacon strips were liberally covered in fat, but looked normal once warmed in the microwave for a few seconds. They also had a very strong, processed odor. The second package was put in the garbage unopened, due to the dark, discolored appearance. The serial numbers are:EST.7202 2 13:42 AND 13:43. The use by date might be May 2013, can't tell as... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    NancyBelmar's Picture   NancyBelmar    0 Comments   Comments
  • Oscar Mayer Water Meats

    Looking at the previous reviews of various issues with quality with Oscar Mayer products, it seems they must have gotten a new knuckle head in charge recently. Their products have gone to hell in a handbasket and I am wondering why they are simply killing themselves? Kraft owns Oscar now and so they are utimately responsible for the sudden dive to the bottom feeder category. The products I have had lately are horrid. The packaged pound sized turkey couldn't hold more water in it than the Gulf of Mexico. I tried their olive loaf recently and it seemed soggy too but at least not dripping... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    OfficialBest's Picture   OfficialBest    1 Comments   Comments
  • why the change in your weiners?

    I've been purchasing your Classic 98% Fat Free Wieners made with turkey for along time. They are sometimes hard to find in area stores. The last ones I purchased last week had a external message that said "New Look" coming soon. Inside the message it showed the new packaging titled " Extra Lean Franks". The change in the packaging is not the complaint. The complaint is what is shown below the title. Below it is "50 calories per serving". According to the "Nutrition Facts" on your package of Classic 98% Fat Free Wieners they are 40 calories per... More...
    LovemyDogs's Picture   LovemyDogs    3 Comments   Comments
  • Smokie Links Discontinued

    Dear Oscar Meyer, I am writing to you to express my sadness that you discontinued the Smokie Links that I love so much. They were the only food that I would specifically go out of my way to find anytime I would go camping. I understand demand may not have been as high in the winter months, but would it be possible to bring them back as a seasonal item? Myself and all of my friends LOVED Smokies, we all raved about them to anyone who unfortunately never got to try them. Now we can't have them anymore. Do you have any left over? I would buy an extra case of them if you had one laying... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Bone In Carving Board turkey breast

    Yesturday I came back from the gym went to the store on my Military base and bought Oscar Mayer turkey breast carving board item # 044700033302 expire 02 july 2011. two bites into the turkey I heard a crack and pulled out the turkey piece only to discover it had a bone in it. Needless to say i broke my new crown bridge I just had installed. GOD FORBID I was a toddler and ate this I could have chocked. There needs to better quality control on these products. Now I need to spend ovber $ 1200 to fix my bridge! More...
    tommybello's Picture   tommybello    0 Comments   Comments
  • Oscar Mayer Center Cut Thich Slice Bacon

    We have been purchasing Oscar Mayer products for many years. Over the years the the center cut thick/thin sliced bacon has been a family favorite and held a distinction above most other available choices. additionally, this bacon commands $7.00 to $8.00 for a 12 Oz. package. Having some detailed familiarity with the brand and characteristics of the product I feel that it would be testimonially accurate to state that the quality of the sliced bacon which O.M. processes and ships these days is inferior to its original product. we will discontinue use of this product until O.M. reverts to... More...
    dmmiami's Picture   dmmiami    2 Comments   Comments
  • Mechanically separated Chicken

    Why in the world have you decided to include mechanically separated chicken in every one of your processed formerly-pork products? I love bologna, but I will not buy anything with mechanically separated chicken. I used to love your hotdogs, but I will only buy all pork hot dogs. I do not want beef hotdogs. Yes, I am willing to pay more for all pork, but I will not eat anything that contains mechanically separated chicken. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    emtee's Picture   emtee    0 Comments   Comments

    I just opened a package of Oscar Mayer "Fully Cooked Canadian Bacon" which I have been purchasing from WalMart for over a year. The package is supposed to contain 2 sealed packets of 7 slices each. This particular one (USEBY 23MAY2011 EST20758)only contained one packet (total of 7 slices). If I am to continue purchasing this product, I expect to be compensated by Oscar Mayer - since this was an obvious failure of their quality control !!! More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    canadianbacon's Picture   canadianbacon    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bacon isn't the same

    We normally purchase the Oscar Mayer Fully cooke bacon from the meat department. It's expensive, but easy. Today, opened the package and while we did have "15 slices", the slices were in fact 1/2 a slice of bacon (cut down the middle) - so really, we got 7 1/2 slices. I know things are getting tight, package sizes are decreasing while prices "remaim the same", but this, a new low. We won't be purchasing this again. More...
    cocoff93's Picture   cocoff93    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fully Cooked Bacon

    Since Oscar Mayer has changed the box, so that the customer can no longer see what they are getting the Oscar Mayer Fully Cooked Bacon has gone from bad to worse!! I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in the way the quality of this product has declined. I have notice the bacon getting narrower and more miss-shaped. This last box purchased was the worst! Not only was the bacon very narrow, it had so much fat on it that one box of "15" slices yielded only 10 slices with some meat on them, and it was so clumped together and broken apart it was difficult to separate. Therefore, I will no longer... More...
    mamacobb54's Picture   mamacobb54    1 Comments   Comments
  • Lunchable

    I believe there is something wrong with Ham and Cheese Lunchable!!! My daughter has taken them 2 time's this week to school and gotten sick from them both times. I bought 1 @ Wal-mart and 1@ Kroger this week and both time's they have made her have the squrit's and being nasusa's. I will not buy any more, because if they r hurting her stomach something is wrong!!! She has ate them before with no problem's and yes I kept them in the Fridge, and packed her lunchable's with ice to kept them cold, so what's up with it! More...
    tamilee40's Picture   tamilee40    0 Comments   Comments

    My wife has bought the Deep Dish cheese pizza lunchables for my children because of convenience and my children like them. On further review I noticed that the Dole oranges included are from China. With all of the chemicals that have been found in products from China I am amazed at this. I will no longer feed any of the lunchable items to my children unless this is changed. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    inkman0007's Picture   inkman0007    0 Comments   Comments
  • half gone drink

    I just baught a pizza with pepperoni lunchables the pop codes are 04050007271400/36113 on the top and 044700361139 on the bottom it was baught for my 3 year olds lunch imagin my surprise when i puld the drink out and it was already over 1/2 gone straight from the box what a ripoff I don't buy these often due to the tightness of money for food so unless i can get something done i will be going on strike from kraft foods products because they are the parent company of oscar mayer. More...
    shawna1979's Picture   shawna1979    0 Comments   Comments
  • Thick Cut Bacon

    Amazing, the quality and honesty we've enjoyed for so many years is being questioned! How can they label their Fully Cooked Bacon "Thick Cut" when you could read a newspaper through it!! I was horribly disappointed and in no way would I recommend ANYONE purchase this product expecting "Thick Cut"...can the "regular" I purchased actually be even thinner?? Hard to imagine! More...
    abzjohnson's Picture   abzjohnson    0 Comments   Comments
  • Why did you change your Hot Dogs

    Why did you change everything about Oscar Mayer wieners. They were the only Hot Dogs that were any good. Now they don't even taste as good as the cheap ones. The smokey taste is gone, and they are so salty that they are awful. This unwelcome change seems to have inundated the entire product line of classic wieners to all beef hot dogs. I know most customers have no taste buds so they won't even notice the change, but we loyal customers of 50+ years will never buy your products again. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    SadDogMan's Picture   SadDogMan    18 Comments   Comments

    (Cable TV)
    PATC's Picture   PATC    1 Comments   Comments

    Where oh where has my mini dog gone? MISSING--one mini hot dog from Oscar Mayer Lunchables--NOT FUNNY! This is the SECOND TIME I was fooled by the Lunchable carton advertising "three mini hot dogs", when in reality there were only TWO mini hot dogs with 3 buns! I will not purchase any OM Lunchables as they are not what they claim to be and I refuse to be "stung" the third time! Mary Pratt 1797 Albany Springfield, Illinois 62702 More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Goldie's Picture   Goldie    0 Comments   Comments
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